Emerson Green 132kV Diversion


Emerson Green 132kV Diversion

In order to allow construction of a new housing development, it was necessary to divert and underground the 132kV XW circuit at Emerson Green in Bristol.

This required the erection of two L3c DTV terminal towers with sealing end platforms, to replace four existing L3 D suspension towers, facilitating the undergrounding of the 132kV cable. Due to the line crossing over the M4 a temporary closure of the motoroway was necessary to allow installation of netted scaffolding as a safety precaution. This meant the bottom phase conductor needed to be raised.

NorPower was appointed Principal Contractor for the overhead line works, which were completed in 5 months, working closely with the cabling contractor.

In order to maintain supply, the works were carried out with one circuit live which, due to the new towers lying between those towers they were replacing, required a temporary diversion. Two temporary Lindsey masts were erected to divert the line whilst the foundations, towers and SEPs were installed.