About Us

NorPower Ltd was formed in October 2003 by Alistair Matheson, Alistair MacLeod and Neil Lamont. We started site operations in 2004 with 10 employees and we have grown continually to currently employing around 30 site, office and maintenance staff. Alistair Matheson sadly passed away in 2011, but he is never far from Alistair’s and Neil’s thoughts due to the opportunities, support and guidance he gave them.

Although a relatively young company, we have a wealth of experience in the construction, installation, reconfiguration and refurbishment of steel tower and wood pole lines in all terrains throughout the UK, often within tight timescales and in remote or restricted access areas.

Managing Director Alistair MacLeod and Operations Director Neil Lamont have, between them, over 70 years’ experience in the overhead line industry.

Having started out as young trainee linesmen, working on all types of OHLs over the years whilst progressing to engineers and project managers, before becoming hands-on owner-directors at NorPower, Neil and Alistair are able to apply their knowledge and experience and take a practical approach to help overcome the varying issues that can arise at each stage of any project.

Like the Directors, several of our site staff have been in the industry most of their working lives and their knowledge and experience is critical to the company’s success. Regardless of job title, all of NorPower’s operations are very much a team effort where the contribution of everyone-whether on site, in the workshop, or in the office-is important and appreciated.

Drawing on the expertise of our employees at all levels and our range of, in some cases specially adapted/developed, machinery and equipment we have been able to overcome the challenges presented on projects from Caithness and Sutherland in the North to Cornwall in the South, and several cities and mountainsides in between!