‘A’ and ‘B’ Routes Cornwall


‘A’ and ‘B’ Routes Cornwall

In late summer 2020 we undertook tower replacements on the ‘A Route’ on the Camborne to Indian Queens network and on the ‘B Route’ on the network between Indian Queens and St Germans in Cornwall.

These 132kV lines, consisting of PL1 towers, strung mainly with ACSR LYNX and HORSE conductors with Skywrap installed, were originally built in the early 1930s and asset inspections had identified a number of towers requiring replacement, including metrication.

We replaced 6 towers on A Route between Park Bottom and Pendale, and 6 towers on B Route between Roche and Lostwithiel, maintaining fibre traffic whilst the work was being undertaken.

All tower muffs, conductor fittings, insulator fittings, tower safety signs and ACDs were replaced along with the towers.